SupportKnee™ Joint Support Knee Brace - 1 Pair


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Support knee, Power knee, Pain Support for knee.

Painful knees and joints causing your steps to feel heavy and burdensome? These power lift joint support knee pads are here for you, bring back the lightness to your steps.


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The New SupportKnee™ Knee Brace uses state of the art, lightweight materials

  • Provide the maximum level ofprotection and support for your knees. 
  • Effective as a preventive measure, as well as remedial treatment.
  • Must-have for assisting with recovery from lateral (LCL) and medial (MCL) collateral ligament injuries 
  • Effective for healing and pain relief in knee and cartilage problems
  • Ideal for helping with recovery from lateral and medial collateral ligament injuries. 

How it works:

Each brace is fitted with the highest grade carbon steel spring hinge

  • Able to resist 44 pounds (20KG) of weight being applied to your knee
  • Reducing pain in your knee joints while providing unrestricted normal knee movement.
  • Stabilizes your kneecap to help ease the pain associated with patellar tendonitis.

The PowerKnee™ Knee Brace is easy to fit and adjustable to different sizes. The braces can be worn under your pants as well.


Benefits of the SupportKnee™ Knee Brace

  • Helps to improve kneecap tracking
  • Provides support for the knee joint when bending
  • Provides support when getting up 
  • Helps to reduce stresses on the ligaments
  • Open knee enables air flow for additional comfort
  • Reduces your chances of suffering a knee strain injury

Features Of The SupportKnee™:

  • Adjustable to fit 
  • maximum protection and support
  • Made with highest grade carbon steel and diving grade fabric; breathable and waterproof